ethaos: I have a shrine devoted to photos of u. I light candles and do voodoo to dolls of ur body I sleep with your picture tucked into my mouth so that I can taste u


Anonymous: Don't you think the world would be a better place if we all discriminated against people with ugly toes.

i dont discriminate i hate anything related to feet

qyts: ur parents are currently stitching themselves together human centipede style and r gonna crawl into ur room later


guuey: cummin 4 u 2nite watch out gorl ;}}}

i said creepy not kinky~~~~

Anonymous: Babies think about sex more than you.

thats just irrational

send me creepy messages i dont wanna sleep tonight






i just want everyone to have a crush on me is that too much to ask for jesus fucking christ 

show me the bootyhole ann

izzy im really sore gimme at least one night off

i told u to put more lube on the cactus smh

in my defense it was 6ft long

inches* lets not be dramatic

scifuck replied to your post: scifuck replied to your post: anonymou…

ayy i texted u last punk

"punk" omg u sound like an uncle stuck in a mid life crisis. hows the red corvette doing


double penetration BDSM facefucked gangbang is my kinda shit 

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lets make this a naval porn

ok m’lady

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the whole efam gets to run a train on u anon

omg go away and check ur texts every once in a while

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Anonymous: How many diks do I hafta suk to be mutual buds

ok ill try to make a quick list

7887 fruithoe gookgod scifuck excdus paintdeath bible-jpg jewist asiangeorge ovtro richmondcee mexicanist and basically everyone in my favorite blogs