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masturbate 2 my personality

excdus replied to your post: i wil 4ever and always reblog jesse ex…

mutual masturbation

ill jerk ur dick if u jerk mine

i wil 4ever and always reblog jesse excdus's uploads

Anonymous: Happy National Lipstick Day!




i need to dye my hair pink so i can make friends when i start collage, everyone iv ever met has told me they only approached me at first cus they wanted to chill wit me cus of my cool hair but since i died it black no one wants to chill so i think thats the problem

pro tip: don’t talk to anyone, harbour resentment towards the human race, stare angrily when approached, not a fucking peep to anyone.

im pretty sure nash grier was in my  dream last night i think i need to go die now


god….if ur watchin over me my only question is….do u masturbate to my selfies